Friday, August 13, 2010

PEI Getaway

Since my husband is self-employed, & hadn't any work lined up for a few days, we decided to take a weekend to visit Prince Edward Island, since it's only about an hour & a half to the Confederation bridge from our home. My husband has never had a vacation in his entire life, so this was especially nice for him.
I find the Confederation Bridge truly amazing. I'm in awe as I look at its long expanse & look out over the vast waters, with nothing seen on the horizon. I remember thinking, 'Wow! Nothing but water as far as the eye can see! Must have looked much like this after the flood of Noah's time.' I had been across the bridge a couple of times before, but it was still so amazing to me.
Upon crossing the bridge, there is a small community called "Bordon-Carleton", a quaint place with lots of small shops for tourists. However, we kept on going, heading to the B&B we would be staying at for a couple of nights.
The B&B was just a couple of rooms in someone's home; very nice & private. We discovered the woman who ran it is a Christian, just as we are, so we knew it was a God-ordained place to stay! It was nestled in the country, between Cavendish & Charlottetown---two spots I was especially interested in visiting.
That evening, we drove into Charlottetown & ate some of the world's best ice cream...that is their slogan, & I would easily believe it! I had plain chocolate, & it was udderly divine! Yum. My husband & son are both ice cream addicts, so they really enjoyed it as well.
It's never easy sleeping in a "strange" place, as well as having our son in our room. I had broken sleep, yet was raring to go by morning.
I'm an Anne of Green Gables fan, so I was extremely excited to go see Green Gables, & where Lucy Maude Montgomery was inspired to write the Anne series. It proved to be pretty cool! We got to walk the "lover's lane" & the "haunted wood" as mentioned in the books---fiction works, yet inspired by real places. We also saw the site of Lucy Maude's home & walked the short cut she used to take to church.
Of course we had to do the traditional "wearing of the Anne hat". I just prayed there was no cooties or lice in the much used hats. haha
As much as I enjoyed that, my favorite time was just walking the streets of downtown Charlottetown with my men; sight-seeing. No real destination. No hurry. There are so many historic buildings there, where it is where the Father's of Confederation met & Canada became a fact. Tourists filled the streets, as well as the occasional busker. Of course, we had to get more Cow's ice cream. I had hubby boost me up on the cow, and in front of a bunch of people who were there for a free concert, I posed like a fool on top of the cow. Did I mention I will never grow up?
Much of the vacation was simply spent relaxing. My husband cooked a wonderful meal, all on a barbecue! Shrimp, fresh veggies....
It was an amazing time had with my family. It's not something we have ever really gotten to do, & I can only imagine that my boy will look back on this & not soon forget it. I know I won't. PEI is a beautiful, friendly place, with twisty turny back roads, clay colored earth, & wonderfully fresh air.
It's hard returning back to "real life" after having a vacation. If only everyday were such an adventure. I guess it's all in one's perspective. I should probably be changing mine. :s
So if you ever have an opportunity to visit PEI, Canada, I totally recommend it! Even if you aren't an Anne fan, there is so much to do & see! Just bring a lot of money if you have kids!


  1. Sounds SO exciting, I flet like I was there with you! lol It is wonderful to get away with the family and just relax. I would have also climbed on the Cow for pictures. I don't want to ever grow up! It's great having fun and goofing around! Keep sus Young!! Thanks for sharing Lara love ya

  2. I'm just seeing this comment now, Donna! Love you too. Yeah, PEI is a totally beautiful spot, and you don't have to be an Anne fan to love it, either.