Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hospital Blues

I admit it. I avoid hospitals, clinics & doctors (including my family doctor)like the plague! I have a great distrust for the "system" & for the over prescribing of unnecessary medicines & the use of unnecessary procedures. I also don't like that, when your child enters this system (is admitted into the hospital), he no longer becomes YOUR child, but THEIR child. You lose all rights, so that they can give him as many & as much drugs as they want, as well as keep him as long as they want. It's pretty scary for this overprotective Momma bear, I admit!
I've been a rebel for a long time when it comes to "the system". I have fought it, it seems, since my boy was born. I have scorned their stupid lists of "baby must do this by this age". I have scorned all those labels they so hastily place upon kids, with no regard for how that label can sometimes destroy a kid, or just hold them back, when in reality, they could soar!
I believe every child progresses differently, learns differently, acts differently. I believe that, generally speaking, doctors are too hasty to prescribe medicines to children, when they aren't really needed. I believe that there is much too much control and power given to those "in the system" (doctors, etc.).
This isn't to say all doctors or nurses or medicines are bad. Doctors save lives, & what would we do without all those hardworking nurses? And without antibiotics, people could die from things that they needn't die from! These things in themselves are not bad, there is just an abuse by and of them, at times, that isn't good.
My son sustained a VERY BAD fracture to his arm last Tuesday night, while playing with his daddy, so we had to go into emergency. It was a scary thing, for neither I, nor my husband had ever broken a bone before. My poor boy was in so much pain. It is an awful feeling to not be able to ease that pain for your child. He had to undergo surgery. Thank God, we had an amazing surgeon who was professional, yet very compassionate!
The next day, we were allowed to go home. I had to follow a strict schedule of administering Advil to my son every 6 hours. So I would set my alarm for 4AM to fight with him to take the medicine. What should have taken a minute ended up taking about 10 to do. Where my son has some comprehension challenges, I couldn't make him understand WHY he had to take them. I also had to ice his arm 4 times a day, which didn't always happen, I admit.
A week later, he wakes up with a snotty nose. No problem. He seldom gets colds, & when he does, it amounts to nothing. The next day, he was extremely wheezy. That night, he laid down to sleep & was fighting to breathe, & couldn't sleep. My husband decided (with me arguing about it) to take him to the hospital. So off to the emergency we went again.
3 days later, we were finally ALLOWED to leave. It was a long, boring, tiring & frustrating 3 days. I watched as they gave my son all sorts of stuff & I had to ask what they were giving him. When I asked, one time, the nurse seemed as if I was asking something inappropriate, which is ridiculous, considering I have a right to know, since he's my son. The poor kid was awoken throughout the night. I stayed until 4AM the first night, then left him with Daddy, spent the night the entire night, the next night, then Daddy spent the night the last night. I spent the entire days there, and it was hard! Thank God he wasn't on an IV, because he was all over the place in a little push car they had. He cruised the halls, & by day 3, was trying to escape via the elevators. Mommy was ready to lose it, she was so tired & didn't feel great. I was trying to keep my son occupied.
There were many things that happened that frustrated me, but not being allowed to take my son out of there when I wanted to was the worst. Feeling like someone else had control over my child was the worst feeling, ever!
They prescribed puffers & the such, & again, over medicating is going on! Thankfully, I can do what I wish now that we are home again, & he will only use the puffers if they are needed, & no more! My decision was reinforced by a nurse friend, who also let me know that he could get throat infections from overuse as well.
I guess, what it comes down to is I was, once again being tested. By whom? God. Yep. It's all about trusting Him. Fine, God, I trust You, but I don't trust THEM! Somehow that doesn't fly, I guess. Because if God is truly in control of every circumstance, then He must have been control at the hospital.
The third morning, when I was home having a quick breakfast, I opened the Bible to the Gospel of Matthew & my eyes fell upon the Scripture where Jesus says, "Come to Me, all you who are weary & heavy laden & I will give you rest." I remember thinking, 'Oh really, Lord? Where is it?' Yet we have to COME to Him FIRST to get that rest....& quite frankly, I wasn't doing that, at all.
Still, is it wrong to want to fight the system? The system is wrong in many things. Don't get me wrong: I'm grateful to live in a country where we all can have "free" healthcare, even to the poorest of us. But why do they think they have the right to control our children? Our bodies? Or is this merely the hospital I deal with????
No, I'm not a conspiracy theory gal, though I believe many of those theories have truth to them. Just because the masses believe something is true, doesn't make it so!
I will always do what I feel is best for my son, & if that means fighting the world system, so be it.